Zinax Just Entered the Real World

Zinax brings what the elites enjoy, to the masses. With Zinax, organizations, communities and individuals can now mint their own money in form of crypto tokens, raise funds and launch meaningful projects.



A DeFi platform that Everyone can use

We all have our Favourite celebrities and brands. What if we could make money by stanning them? With Zinax, you can buy their tokens very early and make lots of profit as they grow

  • Household Names We thoroughly sieve applications to ensure that only viable tokens from top influencers get listed.
  • High Yield We list projects with potential, so your investment can get you high returns
  • Personalized Options Choose the DeFi option that suits you the most



is the best for your Token Launch

Instantly Mint BEP20 tokens, raise funds and list on major exchanges using the Zinax LaunchPad. You don't need to be a developer or have any technical ability.

Instant Token Minting with deflationary options, security audit and Anti-Whale Mechanism
Raise Funds using our Initial Farm Offering for your token Pre-sale
Get Access to exchange Listing, crypto influencers and community growth experts for your project.

ABOUT Project

Road Map

September 2021

Zinari Governance Token (ZINAX) launch presale with Initial DeFi

October 2021

Official Trading Commences on Pancakeswap V2 and other decentralized exchanges. Airdrop also commences

December 2021

Airdrop ends and distribution commences. Listing on centralized exchanges commence.

January 2022

Ecosystem grows to above 10,000 holders

March 2022

Ecosystem grows to 40,000 holders and over 50 tokens complete IFO on the launchpad

May 2022

Ecosystem grows to 80,000 holders and 100+ tokens complete IFO on Zinax

July 2022

Ecosystem surpasses 100k Holders and 200+ tokens complete IFO on our platform


Use Cases

Use Case 1

4Face is a popular Afrobeat singer with a large following of 100M fans. He mints a token using Zinax for his fans. The fans buy into the project and trend the token. They make money from the rise in prices and he can use funds generated to fund charitable causes

Use Case 2

ZinariX is a Phone manufacturer with over 6M units sold. They issue a token on Zinax. Their users can now buy their phones with the tokens, get access to community, vote in new features and make profit off their loyalty

Use Case 3

Zarity is an orphanage in Kenya that caters for over 400 kids. Instead of begging for donations, they issue a token on Zinax and people buy in. They can now cater for the kids and the investors make money from token sales

Use Case 4

Keita is a Zinaboy fan from Senegal. He buys Zinaboy's token during the IFO on Zinax. Keita makes 1000% on his investment. Being a fan paid off

Use Case 5

Montana is a movie fan in Cape Town. Instead of rushing to buy cinema tickets, he buys movie tokens on the pre-sale before the movies launch and when the movie becomes successful, he makes a profit from them.

Use Case 6

Zumba is a political activist in Wakanda. He needs to raise funds to contest for an election against a dictator. He issues Zumba tokens and his supporters buy in. He raised funds and they make money

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